NEW! Skype Lessons

Skype English Lessons



More and more of my clients are having English lessons via Skype. Why? Save travel time to and from lessons. Have a Skype lesson at lunch, or when you get home in the evening. No dealing with traffic jams, just have the lesson when you want from the comfort of your home or office. Most laptops come with embedded web cams, and with increased broadband speeds of 100-300Mbps being common these days,  the audio/video quality is surprisingly good. Most of my current Skype students were at first skeptical of having a English lessons via Skype; but once they tried it were surprised at how good it is compared to in-person lessons.

English lessons via Skype are ideal for-

• Professionals too busy to meet the English teacher in person;
• People who live too far from the teacher to make in-person lessons practical;
• People who like to have lessons from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office instead of at a noisy cafe, in an office meeting room with usual interruptions, etc.

To make this offer more attractive I am now offering a FREE first lesson via Skype for 60 minutes. Why not give it a try?