Hitchcock English Lessons

Why study English?
Today more than ever before there are so many reasons to improve your English. Be it for business or for pleasure, English is the Lingua Franca* of today’s globalized, digital world. Speaking English not only advances your career and business prospects–but it also gives you access to vast amounts of arts, culture, news, and professional information otherwise not available to non-speakers.
Are you a busy professional who needs to improve your English fluency?  Or maybe you’re a post-secondary student preparing for proficiency exams? Regardless of your situation or skill level I can help you reach your goals with English lessons tailored to suit your unique needs and learning style.

*Lingua Franca-the bridge language used between people not sharing a mother tongue. 

Stephen Hitchcock of Hitchcock English

Stephen Hitchcock of Hitchcock English

Choosing the right teacher…
There’s no shortage of English teachers in Prague, no question. But how do you know which one to choose?  As the old saying goes, this is ‘easier said than done’ for a variety of reasons.  There are English teachers–and there are English teachers.   Many ESL teachers in Prague only do this for a year or two before going back to their home country. They may be native speakers–but they often lack proper training and experience. They don’t know how to teach effectively, and they use anything they happen to stumble upon at ESL school libraries, often using old, outdated textbooks. Don’t settle for third rate! You deserve better.  I’ve been teaching English professionally for 7 years, and teaching in Prague for 4 years so far. I’ve taught students from all over the world: Czech Republic, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Korea to name but a few.

Teaching Method
I use the communicative approach to language learning. What that means is lessons are student centered and highly interactive with an emphasis on learning English in real life contexts. Activities and class discussion are based on real life situations or topics that the student will encounter outside the classroom in everyday life situations. Grammar is presented, learned and practiced in everyday real life contexts. Attempts to communicate are encouraged right from the outset.


One of my classes from 2013/2014 school year.

I use effective, proven teaching techniques developed over years of classroom experience to assure you make rapid improvement. Students like me because I’m very patient, encouraging, and give them maximum speaking practice.  I also put in extra effort to make your lessons fun and interesting by using a wide variety of brand new teaching materials along with different learning activities and games.

“Why do I need a teacher? Can’t I learn English by watching movies with subtitles or watching YouTube videos?”
Many learners of English think they can just pick up English from watching American movies with subtitles turned on, or watch YouTube ESL videos.  While such activities are certainly not without some merit, the problem with this approach is the lack of commitment results in lack of any significant progress. Difficult grammar (that a good teacher can make easy to understand) is avoided; phrasal verbs skimmed over and forgotten.  A much better and quicker route to English proficiency is studying with a native English speaker who is trained and certified, who has many years of teaching experience. I know what works and what doesn’t. I can help you master difficult grammar, master phrasal verbs, modern idioms and more–and much more quickly than if left to your own devices.

Get the upper hand on your English proficiency.
As the old saying goes, time waits for no one. Contact me today to schedule your first English lesson, where we will discuss your needs, your situation, and what exactly you want to work on in our lessons. I’m really looking forward to meeting you, and helping you improve.